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September 18, 2015

The loudspeaker that doesn’t lie - Focus 600 XD

“Without any doubt, the Focus 600 XD is one of the very best speakers in this price class”

Magazines such as The Absolute Sound and have in their Focus 600 XD reviews praised the speakers and written:

“even audiophiles who may have dismissed active digital speakers out of hand will discover the manifold merits this technology offers” and the rhetorical question “is this a really good Hi-Fi system playing – or are there musicians playing in my room?”.

Our Focus XD speakers have received critical acclaim from a wide selection of reviewers, but these active digital speakers continue their triumphant march.  

Now, the German Hi-Fi magazine – Image Hi-Fi – has joined the believers after testing the Focus 600 XD speakers:

“Without any doubt, the Focus 600 XD is one of the very best speakers in this price class. More than that, it is close to ‘the last ever loudspeaker needed’ because it authentically reproduces the music and the recorded room, and it recreates the atmosphere and timbre in your own listening room.” 

Front side of Focus 600 XD in Black Piano Lacquer

The Focus 600 XD impressed to such an extent that it was mentioned in the magazine’s foreword:

“Dynaudio’s active Focus range quickly became a great market success, and with the Focus 600 XD even the most ambitious high-end-listener will immediately hear why. Please have a listen to these speakers, you really must, whether you are interested in a digital active speaker at this price point or simply to experience what is possible today.”

Needless to say, we are very pleased with this review, and you can read Image Hi-Fi’s full review of the Focus 600 XD in its September/October issue available now. 

However, magazines have not been the only ones impressed with the Focus XD series. Dynaudio founder, Wilfried Ehrenholz, was also taken aback the first time he heard them playing: 

“When our engineers presented the Focus 200 XD in a very early stage, I was sitting there and I couldn’t believe what I heard”

You can meet Wilfried Ehrenholz, and the team responsible for the Focus XD, in the video below. 

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