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“It was Dynaudio’s big moment with the rather tiny Sub 3”

Review Sub 3

The Sub 3 proves that being small and compact doesn’t limit potential. On the contrary, Germany’s leading home cinema/ surround magazine – VIDEO – praises the excellent sound performance and compact design in their latest review, calling it room-friendly and ideal for living rooms. Check out our favourite quotes below:

“Typical for a closed-box subwoofer it was really fast, resulting in great timing which is ideal for music lovers. But different to earlier Dynaudio models this new model also delivered an impressive performance with weight and substance when playing movie sound effects (…) Taking its size into account it could even play quite loud.”

“The Sub 3 turned out as an impressive offer for anyone looking for a room-friendly yet high-performance subwoofer.”

“It was Dynaudio’s big moment with the rather tiny Sub 3. Highly recommended for living rooms.”

“The sound was very well balanced in itself”

“Very compact, yet playing deep and precise, with excellent timing.”

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