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June 18, 2018

Here comes the sun

In its latest issue the British hi-fi reviewer HiFi+ auditions the Music 5. We shared our favourite quotes below, but have also decided to make the full review available for download. So it's up to you: skim or deep dive. Not matter what you choose you'll find it further down.

Dark grey Music 5 stands on the desk in the room
  • "The best way to think of the Music Now function, is as as an ‘always on’ playlist that is constantly adapting to your taste. This is one of the true strengths of the Music 5, and the Music system entire. Pretty soon, the app goes away, and you just press one of those five buttons for your music (you can also assign specific albums, fixed playlists, or even internet radio stations to those hard buttons)."
  • "The difference between Music 5 and conventional hi-fi is fairly narrow, and mostly relies on the more meticulous nature of traditional systems. Sound will be presented in full marching order on a good stereo system, where the Music 5 takes a more relaxed approach to things like dynamic range. In its peer group, however, it’s hard to beat.
  • "The Dynaudio Music 5 is one of the best named products on sale at the moment because it really is all about the music. Couple this with Tidal, spend a few minutes creating a few playlists, and it’s like you hired your own DJ who has spent the last few years meticulously cataloguing your music and knows precisely what you like. Who’d not love that?"

 We have decided to make the full review available for download, so click here and get the full three-page Dynaudio Music 5 review now.