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Review Music 5

Dark grey Music 5 is standing on the floor in the living room

The German Magazine AUDIO TEST rates the Music 5 with excellent (93,5%).

Among their favourite points are the simple and quick setup of speaker and user profile on the app, and the highly complex technology disguised as a “playful toy”.

Their highlight: the DSP analyzing the room, acoustics and background noise so precisely without losing any sound detail – “congratulations to Dynaudio’s product management”. We say thank you!

Read some of our favourite quotes and if you like, check out the whole review in German here.

“For a long while we haven’t heard a compact music system which integrates so seamlessly and has such an emphasis on music. And all of that with renowned Dynaudio quality. Bravo!”

“In usability and app control Dynaudio sets a new benchmark. In the early days of wifi speakers, setting up and configuration used to be a pain. Now it’s interactive and a pleasure to use and even bringing a smile on your face.”

“Dynaudio Music 5 is by far the most musically authentic music system we heard for a long time. Every song simply sounds as we know and love it. ”

“Wish you were here” by Pink Floyd – “Some people would be willing to pay for expensive concert tickets. Dynaudio makes this dream reality.”