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Amazona Reviews Core 59

Review Core 59

The German online magazine, Amazona, put Core 59 to the test. Obviously, it is in German, but we have translated the key points, and if you are comfortable with the German language - or Google Translate - you will find a link to the full review in the above menu.

"In terms of sound, the Dynaudio Core 59 is very neutral at first listening test. No over-presence in highs, mids or even bass, rather a tight, clear basic sound that fulfills exactly the purpose that a studio monitor of the top league has to fulfill.

The system has a very differentiated sound, which makes the splitting of the adjacent material into its sound aesthetics much easier than the "whitewashers" fraction, which "pushes" and "pops" more on the first impression, but if you listen more closely, the analysis of the material is significantly more difficult.

(...) The center area in particular is appealing, especially since the popular scoop characteristic was deliberately omitted. For mid-heavy instruments such as E.g. electric guitars are a real blessing, but you should always keep in mind, especially in the mixdown, that only a few monitorings on the consumer side have such a present midrange reproduction.

(...) The dimensions of the system itself actually determine the area of ​​application, but the sound impression also manifests the whole thing. If you drive the Dynaudio Core 59 in the near field range of 50 - 70 cm, you are not doing yourself a favour. The high-mid / high-frequency range seems too intrusive, the sound that develops at this distance is too tense. Only when you move the system into its actual task area, the midfield, can the box show its real strengths. The swirling of the increased air content takes a lot of tension out of the signal and delivers a much more rounded sound with excellent balance even with difficult source material."