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Interface Reviews Core 59

Review Core 59

Dutch recording magazine, Interface, reviews Core 59. Obviously, it is in Dutch, but we have translated the key takeaways.

"Core 59 has a neutral and precise character, and in my view, it is a true mid-field monitor best suited for larger control rooms. You may also use Core 59 as a near-field monitor, but if you increase the distance just a little, to me the sound is more separated from the speakers and you get a better stereo image and the placement in depth.

(...) The speakers are powered by high-performance class D output stages from Pascal, a specialist in Class D amplification.

(...) Dynaudio monitors are known for their neutrality and precision, and that's no different with the new Core series. Notable strengths include great control in the lows and a dry character of that low-end. Along with the precision in the mids and highs, you really have a great audio tool that you can work with for hours. If a mix still doesn't sound amazing by the end of the day, working with Core, that's not to blame on the monitor, but you will have to find the cause by really starting to look into your mix."

(Marnix Bosman, Interface Magazine)