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We are always looking for new talent to take our design and manufacturing of high-end speakers to the next level. We produce some the best speakers in the world for Home, Professional, and In-car experiences, and to do so, we rely on some of the best and brightest engineers in the audio business. Our new colleagues are people with a strong passion for audio, acoustics, sound, and music. We are problem solvers, highly passionate about our niche.

Kasper and Patric are testing the sound in the home studio

We are one of the few loudspeaker companies, in the world, that not only manufacture their own drive units, but also produce their own cabinets: combining the most advanced machines and technologies with the most experienced master craftsmen and engineers to create some of the world’s finest loudspeakers. Everything is made in Denmark, but we are international in scope: we have offices in The Netherlands, The United States, and China, and do business all over the world. 

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