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CS 1

Sending sound where it’s needed

Optimised positioning for your Dynaudio centre-channel speaker

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Dynaudio CS1

Optimised positioning for your Dynaudio centre-channel speaker

In a home cinema system, the centre channel is arguably the most important speaker of all – it’s where the majority of dialogue comes from in films and TV programmes. So it doesn’t make sense to point it at your knees.

The CS1 stand is specifically engineered for centre channels placed under a TV or projector screen, on a flat surface. Its slanted design tilts the speaker up to aim the drivers towards the listening position for greater clarity, while also reducing low-frequency resonances by raising the speaker above the surface.

It can be fixed to the speaker cabinet using the threaded inserts underneath the centre speaker, and comes with rubber insulators to minimise vibration (and avoid scratching the surface it’s placed on).

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