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The next revolution will be more flexible than ever

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The next revolution will be more flexible than ever

The Link brings you a much more flexible Xeo system for a much broader scope of use. 

The Link can receive the wireless signal from the Hub and provides it on its analogue and digital outputs. Thus an active subwoofer, active loudspeakers or any other audio device can be connected and linked to the Xeo system.

The Link can also be used together with the Hub without any Xeo speakers connected, allowing a wireless Audio Transmission System.

Link. The next revolution.

Technical specifications

Specification sheet for Connect part 2
Analog Inputs: -
Analog Outputs: Line out
Digital Inputs:
Digital Outputs: Optical / Coax
Wireless: 16bit / 48kHz Input
Maximum Power Consumption: 4W
Specification sheet for Connect part 1
Weight: 0.16 kg / 0.4lb
Dimensions (W x H x D): 120 x 32 x 90mm
  4.7 x 1.3 x 3.5in
Transmission Signal Frequencies: 2.4/5.2/5.8GHz
Power Supply: Adaptor: 100V - 240V or Micro USB: 5V/min 500mA

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