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Focus 20 XD User manual

Adjusting the loudspeakers’ sound

The sound of Focus XD loudspeakers can be adjusted by increasing or lowering high and low frequencies. Each loudspeaker can be set separately and individually based on the room conditions and personal listening preferences.

Adjusting the low-frequency range

The Speaker Position rotary knob allows you to lower low frequencies. This allows you to balance out elevated or cancelled-out low-frequency signal portions, as they often occur in living spaces.

Set the Speaker Position rotary knob to the desired position on the back side of the housing for each loudspeaker. There are 2 additional intermediate stages between each of the main positions that click into place (Neutral, Wall, and Corner).

  • Neutral: free-standing loudspeaker (no change to sound).
  • Wall: if placed near a wall.
  • Corner: if placed in a corner.

Adjusting the treble

Using the Treble switch on the rear side of the housing allows you to adjust the character of the sound to your listening preferences.

Set the Treble switch on the rear side of the housing to one of three settings:

  • +1 dB: Increase, creates a somewhat brighter sound.
  • 0 dB: Neutral position, no change.
  • -1 dB: Lowering, creates a somewhat warmer sound.