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Focus 20 XD User manual

Connections and control elements

This section describes the connections and control elements for the components. Please contact your Dynaudio distributor if you have any problems with connection and start-up. Distributor addresses can be found on the Internet at The active loudspeakers have an integrated amplifier and can be controlled with the remote control.

Connections and control elements Overview

Digital Audio

Digital connection. IN = input, OUT = output

Analog Audio

Analog connection. IN = input, Input sensitivity = manual correction of the input sensitivity (+6 / 0 / -6 dB)


USB port for firmware update

Speaker Position

Sound adjustment (depending on the position of the loudspeakers). Sound adjustment is performed with a rotary knob with 7 positions. With the 3 main positions, the rotary knob clicks into place:

Neutral = with free-standing placement. Wall = if placed near a wall. Corner = if placed in a corner


Treble adjustment (+1 / 0 / -1 dB)


Selecting the audio zone (Xeo hub operation)

Loudspeakers assigned to different zones can be controlled separately via the remote control.

The zones are identified as Red, Green, and Blue.

Channel Mode

Master = loudspeaker operated as master. Slave = loudspeaker operated as slave.

External = loudspeaker configured as active loudspeaker (at full performance)


Power switch.

  • I = The loudspeaker is on. The loudspeaker can be activated and deactivated via the remote control. If the loudspeaker is activated and there is no signal, it will switch to standby mode.
  • O = The loudspeaker is completely off.

Mains socket

To connect the loudspeaker to the mains voltage.

Remote control

The remote control can be used to turn the loudspeakers on and off, change the volume, switch between digital and analog input, switch the display on or off, and select a hub and its connected signal sources.


Muting the loudspeakers

Briefly pressing this button will mute or unmute the selected loudspeaker.


Loudspeaker on/off

= on

= switch to standby


Changing the volume

= louder

= quieter


Direct selection

= toggle between digital and analog input

= switch the display on/off


Selecting the signal source

Selects one of the signal sources Line In, Optical In, Coax In or USB In from the active hub.


Selecting the Hub or Connect

Selects one of three possible Hubs or Connects A, B, or C.