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Focus 20 XD User manual

Unpacking and Setup

Scope of delivery

  • 2 Focus XD loudspeakers (60 XD, 30 XD, or 20 XD)
  • 2 Focus XD loudspeaker cloth covers (not shown)
  • 1 remote control
  • 2 power cables (country-specific version)
  • 1 first time setup manual (quick guide for installation, not shown).


After unpacking, make sure the system is complete and check the device and all accessories for transport damage. Transport damage may be expected if the packaging is already severely harmed. Do not attempt to commission a damaged device. If the contents are incomplete or damaged, please contact your Dynaudio distributor.

Distributor addresses can be found in the Internet at

Packaging material

The packaging has been designed so that it may be reused if it was not damaged during transport. Keep the packaging and use the original packaging for all further transport.


Disposal of used electrical and electronic equipment (applicable in European countries with separate collection systems for this equipment).

This symbol on the product or its packaging indicates that the product may not be treated as household waste. Instead it must be handed over to the applicable collection point for the recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. By ensuring this product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health. The recycling of materials helps to conserve natural resources.

For more detailed information on recycling this product, please contact your local authority, community waste disposal office, or the shop where you purchased the product.


Spikes with sharp peaks

The floor-standing Focus XD loudspeakers allow for setup with spikes. The sharp peaks of the spikes may cause injuries and damage sensitive surfaces like hardwood flooring or tile.

  • Be careful when handling the loudspeakers.
  • Place plates between the spikes and the surface to protect the underlying surface.


Light, heat, electromagnetic radiation

Direct sunlight or excessive brightness can affect the colour of your loudspeakers’ natural wood veneer. Built-up heat can lead to overheating. Electromagnetic radiation of different devices can lead to mutual impairment to functions.

  • Avoid placing the device in very warm, cold, or humid environments.
  • To maintain the aesthetic quality of your loudspeakers for the long term, placement in light-intensive, sunny environments should be avoided.
  • Please ensure sufficient ventilation and observe the required distances around the loudspeakers.
  • Do not place the loudspeakers near devices with strong electromagnetic radiation or devices that could be destroyed or damaged by magnetic fields.

Floor-standing loudspeaker setup

The floor-standing Focus XD loudspeaker features a special base construction, which offers both an ideal performance and mechanical basis. The spikes screwed into the end of the feet on the base can be unscrewed and their height adjusted, to adapt to uneven floors. When the spikes are retracted, the loudspeakers stand on rubber feet. These stabilize the cabinet on an extremely small contact area, and therefore prevent any wobbling while offering optimal resonance control.

The best setup variant depends on the nature of the room and the floor in particular.

Your Dynaudio distributor would be happy to assist you during setup.

Compact loudspeaker setup

The compact Focus models are designed to offer exceptional performance while taking up minimal space. Due to adverse effects to the sound quality, compact loudspeakers should not be placed on the floor. The mini-monitors will realize their optimum performance when used in conjunction with a stand to position them at the proper height while absorbing any resonance. Please contact your Dynaudio distributor for more details.

Due to its dimensions, you can also place the loudspeaker on a ledge or shelf or on top of furniture. To avoid the possibility of any negative influence on sound quality, make sure to utilize a stable surface offering a wide enough space in front of the loudspeakers as to not limit the sound quality and performance.

Selecting the installation location

The Focus XD loudspeakers do not require special positioning, though the quality of the individual loudspeakers’ sound is affected by the acoustic properties of the room. Since rooms are shaped uniquely, the positioning of the loudspeakers results in totally different behaviour. For example, large rooms without much furniture and many clean, hard wall surfaces can give a bright and diffuse sound with diverse echoing frequencies. A room with thick carpet, curtains and soft furniture surfaces will give a slightly warmer, darker and less lively sound.

The following information steps are therefore general directions that will make correct positioning easier to achieve. Furthermore, we recommend taking advantage of the services provided by your Dynaudio distributor to fully exploit the sound potential of your loudspeakers in your own listening room.

Right and left loudspeaker

The outside of the left and right loudspeakers is different, with a different arrangement of the display (see figure above) and labelling on the rear side.

  • Position the loudspeakers in the desired location.

Distance to walls

Every loudspeaker not only disperses sound energy directly into the room, but also to the side and even backwards. As a result, time-delayed reflections occur and add to the original music signal. Thus, when loudspeakers are positioned too close to walls, the sound quality can be restricted. Focus XD loudspeakers were developed to be placed free-standing, and therefore they reach their optimum performance when positioned as clear of any walls as possible.

  • To reduce possible influences from the back and sidewalls, the distance to these boundaries should ideally not be less than 0.5 meter.
  • Adjust the sound of your loudspeakers.

Distance to the listening position

  • The distance between each loudspeaker and your listening position should be the same (B). Try to achieve an isosceles triangle.
  • The distance between the loudspeakers should be the same or, preferably, slightly less than the distance between each loudspeaker and your listening position (A, B).
  • The closer the listening position is in relation to the loudspeakers, the closer the speakers can be positioned to each other.
  • As a starting point, it is recommended that the speakers be about 2 meters apart from each other for the best results (A).
  • If the speakers are positioned too close to each other, the stereo image will not seem realistic; if that distance is too wide, the image may leave an acoustic hole in the middle.
  • Paying attention to the image during listening tests will help dictate optimum placement during experimentation and setup.

Loudspeaker toe-in

Depending on your personal listening environment and room dimensions, the loudspeakers may be angled in towards the listening area to focus the sound radiation. This positioning will typically improve imaging and is especially recommended by Dynaudio. However, you are free to select the precise position based on your personal listening habits.


A cloth grille is included and can be affixed to the cabinet to help protect the drivers from dust and any other influences. The grille is acoustically optimised, but the highest sound quality levels will be attained without any grille covers in place during listening.

If a front grille is used, it is held on the front of the housing by means of magnets.

Removing and attaching the front grille:

  • To remove the grille, gently pull the grille at all corners straight away from the front.
  • To fit the grille, line it up exactly in front of the housing with the logo facing upwards and carefully push the cover onto the loudspeaker.