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Music 5

Intelligent, wireless high-fidelity at the touch of a button.

Dynaudio Music provides one-touch simplicity. It adapts seamlessly (and automatically) to any room or position, and to surrounding noise levels – so your music always sounds its best. Access your music from any Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay or DLNA source. Tune in to a world's worth of internet radio. Just push play.

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Music 5

Intelligent wireless music system

The intelligent wireless music system that automatically adapts to your room and your lifestyle.

Music 5 uses two 1in tweeters, twin 3in midrange drivers and a single 5in woofer. It’s mains-powered, and also has a digital optical input and a remote control. It uses all the same core technologies – Magnesium Silicate Polymer woofers and midrange drivers, soft-dome tweeters and measurements from our world-class Dynaudio Labs facility – that have made our in-home, in-car and pro-studio speakers so legendary.

Like the rest of the Music family, it uses cutting-edge digital processing to sense where it's been placed. It optimises its performance to fit (even when you move it) and adjusts itself on the fly for varying noise-levels, so your music sounds clear at any volume. Connect it to your phone, your CD player, your TV… listen however you want.


Music 5 wins Tech Award

The Dynaudio Music 5 was chosen by nine computer, gaming and gadget magazine in the category multiroom speakers:

Striking, effortless speaker with strong geometric lines

For its striking looks, strong geometric lines and intelligent features, the Dynaudio Music 5 wins a German Design Award 2019.

Easy handling, intelligent technology and sophisticated design

The German online magazine i-fidelity reviews the Music 5 leaving a top rating. Convenience, multi-room function and effortless usability convince on top of the remarkable sound performance and volume: “It truly sounds like stereo”. Our “All-in-one” speaker genuinely is ALL in ONE! Read our favourite quotes below.

One of the best plug-and-play systems

Walk through your local magazine-pusher in Germany these days and you’ll spot the Dynaudio 3 and Dynaudio 5 on the frontpage of HiFi einsnull. In a 6-page review, the digital audio specialist magazine covers both speakers. We have translated our favourite quotes from the review. You can find them below.

What a modern music system should be like...

The German hi-fi magazine FIDELITY reviews the Dynaudio Music 5 in its July/August 2018 edition. Below you'll find our favourite quotes from the review.

Music 5 wireless loudspeakers - here comes the sun

In its latest issue the British hi-fi reviewer HiFi+ auditions the Music 5. We shared our favourite quotes below, but have also decided to make the full review available for download. So it's up to you: skim or deep dive. Not matter what you choose you'll find it further down.

Full, but not bloated

In a double review, Australian Sound + Image goes full circle with the Dynaudio Music family by testing the Music 1 and Music 5. Below, you can find our favourite quotes related to the Music 5 - and a link to a similar article focused on the Music 1.

Music 5 review in No Paparazzi Man

Australian men's lifestyle magazine No Paparazzi Man borrowed the Music 5 for its office, testing the intelligent wireless music system. Below you can find our favourite quotes from No Paparazzi Man's article.

This is music to our ears

The Swedish IDG just tested our Music range, granting us a phenomenal 8/10 stars rating.

Fulfilling dreams

Among Audio Test's favourite points are the simple and quick setup of speaker and user profile on the app, and the highly complex technology disguised as a “playful toy”.

The Music 5 is pure beauty

The Italian GQ has tested the Dynaudio Music 5 for its Hi Tech gadget section and found that superior sound quality can be paired with a beautiful design. Read our favourite - and translated - quotes below.

Technical specifications

Specification sheet for Music part 2
Drivers: 2 x 1in tweeters, 2 x 3in midrange, 5in woofers
Amplifier power: 5*50W for woofer, midrange and tweeter
Power consumption: 75W standby<0.5W
Samples rates: 32Hz - 96kHz
Bit rates: 16-24bit
Battery life: N/A
Specification sheet for Music part 1
Weight: 5.4kg
Dimensions (H x W x D): 201 x 659 x 185mm
Frequency Response: 45Hz - 20kHz
Distortion %THD: <0.3%
Acoustic enclosure type: Vented box

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