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Special Forty User manual

Care and Maintenance

Dynaudio loudspeakers require no special treatment apart from the kind of careful handling you would normally apply to any high tech product in your home.


Aggressive cleaning fluids

All-in-one cleaning materials, aggressive cleaning fluids or special furniture polishes may damage the cabinet surface or other speaker parts.

Use a soft dry or slightly damp cloth when cleaning the cabinet and other plain parts.

Cleaning the loudspeakers

Switch off all components of your system when cleaning any of these components.

Avoid touching the tweeter domes as any change of their shape may have an impact on sound quality.

Clean the cabinet and other plain parts with a soft dry or slightly damp cloth only.

Remove dust on the woofer diaphragms with a fine furniture brush.

All materials used by Dynaudio are integrated with exceptional care. By taking care of your loudspeakers, you will preserve the finish and build quality for a very long time.