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Special Forty User manual


Figure 1: Binding posts at rear of cabinet (example).

Connect a two-pole (+/-) loudspeaker cable to the binding posts, located at rear of the cabinet (see Figure 1). The high quality, gold plated binding posts can accommodate different connection systems:

4.0 mm banana plugs

The pins can be put directly into the binding post without any tightening necessary.

Cable spades

Un-tighten the binding posts, insert the spade into the opening, and secure the spade by tightening the posts.

Bare wires

Un-tighten the binding posts and place the cable into the binding posts. Tighten the posts.

Figure 2: Amplifier loudspeaker outputs (example).

Connect the other cable ends to the loudspeaker outputs of your switched off power amp (see Figure 2).


Dynaudio loudspeakers feature a carefully fine-tuned cross-over, optimised using selected parts and an advanced circuitry to achieve a truly balanced and smooth frequency response. Therefore, dividing the frequency sections through bi-wiring or bi-amping is neither beneficial nor optional.

Choice of loudspeaker cable

The loudspeaker cable can have an impact on sound quality. In general, quality cable products will yield a quality result.

Dynaudio loudspeakers are designed to be very neutral and thus are not extremely suited to any particular type of cable. The choice of cable is as much a factor of matching the cable to the entire audio system. Please consult your Dynaudio dealer for information about compatible loudspeaker cables that will suit both your electronics and your Dynaudio loudspeakers.

Connecting surround speakers

When connecting a two-channel stereo system, only the right and left channels are connected to the amplifier.

In a surround set-up, centre, side or rear loudspeakers as well as a subwoofer are typically connected to provide for a multi-channel listening experience. Please refer to the amplifier’s owner manual for particular connection instructions and see the “Multichannel loudspeaker setup” section for further help.