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Special Forty User manual

Multi-channel setup

Figure 6: 5.1 and 7.1 multi-channel speaker setup.

Dynaudio loudspeakers are designed to offer the most advanced performance in both stereo and multi-channel applications. When connecting a loudspeaker to a multi-channel setup, in general the same guidelines as mentioned in the text above will apply.

Loudspeakers for multi-channel setups

For a multi-channel setup, in addition to the two main (stereo) loudspeakers, additional channels (speakers) may be added to reproduce dialogue and surround effects. With the centre channel and compact models, it is possible to achieve the same high level of performance and sound on every channel.

Centre speaker

The centre is responsible for the information directed from the middle of the screen and should be positioned between the right and left main loudspeakers.

In a home theatre/surround setup, the centre supports the images and should be placed close to the screen.

Side/Rear speakers

The side/rear speakers are responsible for the sound effects behind the listening position. When using the compact models as side/rear speakers, the speakers can be placed onto a shelf, mounted at the side/rear wall or placed on a stand. This allows you a wide variety of placements, even if your listening room and furniture limit an optimal setup.

Corresponding to the surround format 5.1 or 7.1, you need to install additional speakers:

  • 5.1: The standard multi-channel setup with two side/surround speakers, preferably placed at the sides or slightly behind the listening position
  • 7.1: Two rear speakers are added directly behind the listening position, typically on the back wall


Most often a subwoofer will be utilised for the LFE-signal, especially in larger listening rooms. The position of the subwoofer will be dependent upon the size of the room and its acoustics. Please refer to the Subwoofer manual.

Multi-channel loudspeaker setup

Thus, a complete multi-channel setup consists of following speakers

  • 1: Front (stereo) speakers
  • 2: Centre speaker
  • 3: Side/Surround speakers
  • 4: Rear speakers (as explained above)
  • 5: Subwoofer (possible position)

Because there are many different setup options – from 5.1 to 10.2 channel applications – and the fact that loudspeaker positioning will also depend upon the room’s shape, please consult your Dynaudio dealer for special applications and for placement options.