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Special Forty User manual


Running-in the loudspeakers

The moving parts of a newly manufactured Dynaudio loudspeaker have been acoustically checked after production, but nevertheless are not as flexible as they need to be for optimum results to be realised. The higher the quality of any driver system, the more demanding the loudspeaker will be regarding time for running-in the system.

A newly unpacked Dynaudio loudspeaker therefore requires several weeks running/ playing to reach its optimum performance capability. After that period, a couple of minutes before every listening session will be helpful to “warm up” the loudspeakers.

Power rating

Due to the construction and the driver technology Dynaudio loudspeakers can be driven with very high power levels. With a high quality amplifier, delivering undistorted signals, the speaker can achieve high levels without any compromises in sound quality.

Attention must be given to amplifiers with very low power and adjustable tone controls or switches. These types may soon overreach their own performance limits and may send distorted output signals to the speakers, compromising even high quality technology.

Any damage caused under such circumstances is not covered by the Dynaudio warranty and is easily avoided in the first place by consulting your Dynaudio dealer for advice regarding the choice of amplifier.


Distorted output signals

Distorted output signals from too weak, defective or overloaded amplifiers may damage the loudspeakers.

Use high quality amplifiers only and run loudspeakers and amplifiers within specified power ratings.