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Give your films and music that extra push

Dynaudio subwoofers are about much more than shaking the pictures off your walls and rattling the fillings out of your neighbours’ teeth (although they can probably give it a good try if you want). Get the extra punch that really makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up

Listen to an orchestra at full throttle and it’s really loud. It’s pure, and musical, and dynamic, and lifting. And there’s also a lot of bass. The same goes for live gigs. Or a high-budget film in a good cinema.

If you want to give your films and music that little bit extra, a Dynaudio subwoofer is the way.

From the compact, punchy Sub 3 to the mighty Sub 6, both models offer the flexibility to suit any loudspeaker set-up – and, above all, deliver extremely high performance.

The Sub 6 is ideal for ambitious home cinemas and high-end hi-fi systems where deep bass and true Dynaudio sound quality is desired. With two brand-new 24cm MSP+ Hybrid Drive woofers and a 500 watt amplifier, the Sub 6 impresses with an amazingly fast and powerful bass performance.

The compact Sub 3 is the smallest high-performance subwoofer from Dynaudio. Equipped with a 300 Watt amplifier and a 24cm driver, it delivers precise and dynamic bass, while its compact enclosure makes room placement incredibly easy.


  • Dynaudio MSP woofers

  • Extra rigid woofer baskets

  • Powerful amplifiers

  • Closed-box cabinet design

  • Perfectly complements Dynaudio speakers

  • Available in various finishes


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