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Sub 6 User manual

Getting to know the Sub 6

The Dynaudio Sub 6 is a DSP controlled active subwoofer intended to augment the bass performance of full range speakers in conventional stereo systems.

The Sub 6 features a closed box acoustic system and incorporates dual opposed 24cm drivers to minimise mechanical vibration.

Connection facilities include balanced XLR and unbalanced stereo inputs with output sockets provided to enable the connection of active main speakers, a power amplifier for main speakers, or a second subwoofer.

The Sub 6 incorporates low-pass filter presets configured to match a range of Dynaudio mains speaker models, three bands of parametric equalisation, and an adjustable low pass filter that can be configured for use with main speaker models from alternative manufacturers.

Sub 6 configuration and control is accomplished through a rear panel mounted display combined with a rotary controller.