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Xeo 10 User manual


Interruptions, clicking noises, or other audible interference when playing music is usually not caused by radio transmission in the Xeo system. Often, other external causes influence the transmission quality.

Below are a few tips for improving transmission quality:

  1. Position all radio transmitters and receivers away from each other. WLAN devices, radio receivers, and radio systems may influence each other if they are too close together. Test out various locations for each device.
  2. Switch off the automatic search function in WLAN devices. WLAN devices and other radio systems permanently scan for available frequencies, thus sending signals that could disrupt other radio systems. This automatic search function can usually be switched off.
  3. Xeo technology radio signals can, of course, transmit through walls. However, walls may consist of very different materials, such as wood fibreboard, stone, or even steel. The walls may also contain complex cable installations for electrics, phones, TVs, and radios, as well as water pipes and air shafts. These can divert radio signals. This is why you should test different locations for the Xeo Hub, Extender, and Link and favour the most direct radio path between the Xeo components.
  4. Some electrical devices, such as microwaves, generate strong electromagnetic fields that could disrupt radio systems. Do not operate such electrical devices near Xeo components.

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