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Xeo 20 User manual


Accessories (Xeo 10)

A desk stand or wall brackets extend the range of applications of your Xeo 10 speakers. For further information, please see the website at or contact your Dynaudio distributor. Distributor addresses can also be found at

Desk Stand

The Dynaudio Desk Stand for Xeo 10 is an elegantly designed stand for placing the speakers on a desk or shelf. Installation instructions are provided with the stand.

Wall Bracket

The wall bracket allows you to mount the Xeo 10 speakers on the wall.

VESA 100 Bracket (Xeo 10/20)

VESA is a standard for wall brackets developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association. The Xeo 10 and Xeo 20 speakers allow you to mount brackets according to the VESA 100 standard. This means that the screws on the back plate are spaced 100 mm apart.

Mounting a VESA 100 bracket (Xeo 10):

  1. Loosen the four screws (Torx type) and unmount the back plate.
  2. Keep the back plate for future use.
  3. Follow the instructions provided with the bracket you want to mount.