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Dynaudio Music app status update

June 25, 2020

Changes in the current app, and a new version incoming…

Due to a sudden supplier closedown, the Dynaudio Music app currently doesn’t work as we originally intended. You can still set-up, configure and EQ your speakers and assign internet radio stations to presets – and the RoomAdapt and NoiseAdapt features work just as before – but streaming services can’t currently be used natively within the app. As the Music Now discovery feature is based on the now closed-down supplier, we’ve had to remove it.

If you’ve a subscription to a service like Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify or QQ Music, you can still enjoy your music via DLNA, Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth.

We’re now working on a brand-new app for Music – simply called Dynaudio – which will land in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in September.

Phase two of the app, due a little later, will introduce new features – including more intuitive ways to configure your multiroom system and enjoy your favourite music. We’re also currently working with leading streaming services to provide new features at a later date.

Dynaudio is sorry for the inconvenience – and we’re working hard on the solution.

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