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Let's focus on the LYD 48 mid-range

Let's zoom in and focus on the mid-range driver for a moment... The design of LYD 48 is simply not a standard 3-way package. Why? Because the crossover filters are set at 460 Hz and 5.5 kHz!

This means that the always-critical vocal tracks will be handled almost exclusively by the dedicated mid-range driver, letting the tweeter do only what the tweeter is supposed to do - handling the high frequencies. And the same is true for speech recordings in case you're working with dialogue in film or TV production where speech intelligibility is always a very important aspect.

But how is that possible? Well, we design, develop and manufacture all of our drivers (and tweeters for that matter) in-house here in Denmark, and we use a single piece of our proprietary MSP material for the woofers. A key factor here is 'single-piece', which means the dust cap in an integrated part of the cone.

With this integrated dust cap design in combination with special attention to the cone's geometry and the very material itself, the dedicated midrange woofer of LYD 48 can reproduce much higher frequencies reliably, hence we can move the upper crossover frequency significantly.

This is exactly the reason why we have received so much feedback on LYD 48, saying that the clarity is just off the chart. Many suspect that this is due to the tweeter, and it definitely plays an important role as well, but the mid-range woofer and the 'extreme' settings of the crossovers definitely have an impact on delivering that clear and transparent sound.

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