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The family has grown…
Meet the whole Core range

Core professional reference monitors


High resolution and with a precise and wide stereo image

The price is perfectly adequate for the quality they offer, especially since Dynaudio products are characterized by their ability to go on for years and years. The only question left is: is it really possibly that there is an even larger version available?"

Core 59 is an essential audition

"The Core 59's reproduction of the miniscule details inside reverb tails and compression artifacts is as impressive as the solidity of its bass at low volume levels."

Bonedo Core Sub Review

The Dynaudio Core Sub is a fantastic subwoofer with lots of power, control and crispness that make it hard to even begin to criticise.

A very worthy heir to the Air legacy

It has an effortless ability to reveal subtle details within the mix — especially noticeable in the reverb tails, and in dynamics processing, for example. These characteristics make it an ideal monitor for critical mixing and evaluation as you can really hear into the depths of a mix without straining, even at low listening levels.


LYD 48 Sound on Sound Review

"The performance of the LYD 48 in the bass end was exemplary and I was very impressed by the level of definition and transient detail that it delivered in the mid and treble frequencies, even when the bottom end was shaking the metaphorical floorboards."

(Bob Thomas, Sound On Sound)

Exceptionally accurate mix experience with LYD 48

"The 3-way design of the LYD 48’s is a true step forward for an already legendary brand, and in our testing it produced a exceptionally accurate mix experience with very little ear fatigue." (Dave Edwards, DJ Booth)

Consistent Frequency Response through a Wide Range of Volumes

"I did appreciate that the low end, and the frequency response overall, were consistent through a wide range of volumes — a valuable trait when evaluating how mixes will perform in the real world"

- Kerry Rose, TapeOp Magazine

The Most Extended and Linear Bass Response

"I felt rather comfortable nearly immediately with the LYD8s. Indeed, at first, the bottom-end response seemed a little too rumbly, but after a week of break-in, that bottom-end came into balance with the smooth and genuinely accurate performance of the soft dome tweeter. This was the most extended and linear bass response I’ve ever heard from compact nearfields. (...) I would estimate the LYD Series will become market leaders." - Rob Tavaglione