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Console top precision Two-way near-field.

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Console top precision Two-way near-field.

Console top precision Two-way near-field

As the result of a long-term research project, analyzing the essential requirements of engineers working for long periods of time at high levels in front of a mixing console, the M1 is targeted first and foremost, at music mixing applications.

The M1 is a quality reference tool which can transform almost any large console monitoring environment into one worthy of the digital era. Frequency response is 50Hz to 20Hz, and long terms SPLs of 122dB can be achieved at 1.25m. When coupled with one or two Dynaudio subwoofers, the M1 is transformed into a full blooded main monitoring system which is flat from 35Hz to 20Hz, and is capable of delivering very high SPLs in mixing position.

Specifically designed for mounting on or above the meter bridge on the console, the trapezoidal M1 has a frequency response tailored to compensate for the interference effects in the low and mid frequency regions caused by the console surface. It is the very first monitor to even approach a flat response in this complex and specific application, and provides dramatic improvements to the engineering environment in virtually any kind of control room. Due to an excellent phase response, the stereo field is of a clarity and precision absolutely essential to accurate mixing, and the M1 can comfortably generate the kind of levels and frequency response normally associated with much larger systems.

The M1 is a "High Energy" monitor, and every component has been designed for both quality of reproduction and extreme reliability.
Each driver can comfortably handle 1000W transient with no degradation of signal or components, leading to an outstanding dynamic response when coupled with suitable amplifier. Distortion products are typically 15dB lower than so called reference monitors in current use - ensuring that the soundfield is highly accurate, and that "ear fatigue" is virtually eliminated.

Technical specifications

Specification sheet for M Series Passive part 2
System: 2-way Passive Nearfield Monitor
Frequency Response (+/- 3 dB): 50 Hz - 20 kHz
Peak SPL 1m, pair (IEC Short Term): > 130 dB peak
Peak SPL 2m, 5.1 (IEC Short Term): > 131.5 dB peak
Amplifier minimum: 50 W (> 100 dB SPL @ 1,5m)
Sensitivity (2.83 V/1m): 91 dB
Impedance, Nominal: 4 ohm
Impedance, HF (200 kHz): 3,5 ohm
Resonance Frequency: 55 Hz
Specification sheet for M Series Passive part 1
Internal Cabinet Volume: 13,3 liters
Bass Principle: Bass reflex
Crossover Frequencies: 3250 Hz
Crossover Slope: Woofer 12 dB/oct; Tweeter 12 dB/oct
Tweeter: Esotec 28 mm soft dome Magnetic fluid, Rear chamber Pure alu wire voice coil, 4 mm die-cast alu front
Woofer: 15 cm, One-piece molded polypropylene cone, 75 mm pure alu wire voice coil
Weight: 11,2 kg / 24.7 lbs
Dimensions (WxHxL): 450 x 210 x 310 mm

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