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Core Mounting Bracket

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Core Mounting Bracket

The Dynaudio Core mounting brackets – designed and manufactured specifically for us by our friends at König & Meyer in Germany – give you the flexibility and stability to place your Core monitors wherever you need them.

They’re fully adjustable (so will suit most studio settings), they can be combined with other K&M brackets (for a massive variety of set-up opportunities), and they’re constructed from powder coated steel/aluminium (so they’ll last a lifetime).

Technical specifications

Specification sheet for Brackets part 2
Material: Steel, Screws: steel, Caps: plastic (PE, PA)
Finish: Black powder coating
Models: Core 7, 47 and 59
Load:: 25 kg / 55 lb
Tilt angle: Depending on model and use (see user manual)
  The Core Bracket can be connected with a 200x200 Vesa mount, and a large number of K&M brackets (see user manual)
Specification sheet for Brackets part 1
Depth: 32.2 cm / 12.7in
Mounting plate (vertical mounting): 25x23.2 cm / 9.8x9.1in
Width (Core 7/ Core59): 23.3 / 29.3 cm
  9.1/11.5 in
Adapter weight:
Weight: 2.5 kg /5.5 lb
Net: 2.9 kg /6.4 lb

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