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BM15A User manual



If the speaker stops working and the power LED turns red (fault condition) switch the mains power off and leave it for a moment. If the unit fails to operate again when you switch back on the fault may be due to overheating, switch off again and allow it to fully cool down before powering up. Ensure the heatsink is clear of obstruction and has free air circulation around it. If however the fault condition persists the unit should be inspected by qualified personnel.

If the speaker stops working and no LEDs are alight then the mains fuse on the back panel should be checked and replaced if necessary. If this does not rectify the problem the unit should be inspected by qualified personnel.


Components of the highest quality are used in the BM15A and should ensure a long trouble-free life. Here are a few hints to help them on their way.

Avoid running the system into clipping or distortion. When an amplifier clips it can send potentially damaging DC components to the drive units. They may not fail at once but prolonged exposure to this will result in eventual failure.

If you need to switch off or unplug equipment connected to the monitor, turn off the monitor first. Large voltage spikes are often generated when equipment is switched off which will be amplified to a potentially damaging level.

Do not touch the drive units. The tweeter especially uses a very fine fabric diaphragm which is easily damaged.


There are no user serviceable parts inside the BM15A so consult your dealer if service is required or contact one of the addresses below.

Dynaudio A/S
Sverigesvej 15
8660 Skanderborg


This product is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year from date of purchase. This warranty is void if the unit has been tampered with or modified in any way, or in our opinion has not been used in accordance with the instructions above.