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BM15A User manual

Setting Up

Mains Power Connections

Mains power is applied via a fused IEC inlet. The unit must be earthed. The voltage selector switch is used to match the unit to the mains voltage in your territory. The mains fuse must be the correct value for the voltage selected. 115 V requires a T4A fuse while 230 V requires a T2A fuse. The “T” signifies a slow blow type fuse.

You must ensure that the correct voltage and fuse have been selected before switching the unit on.

Audio Connections

Audio input is via a female XLR connector. The input is electronically balanced with +ve on pin 2, -ve on pin 3 and ground on pin 1. If your signal source is unbalanced it is usual to connect the unused signal pin (i.e. Pin 3) to ground. This is normally done inside the connecting cable. For best results use only good quality screened cables and connectors.


The BM15A is designed as a “nearfield” or “mid-field” monitor and would normally be positioned 1-3 m from the listener. It can be mounted on stands or on the meter bridge of the console (providing this is substantial enough). For best results, the speakers should be “aimed” at the listener in both vertical and horizontal planes.

This monitor can be used in a horizontal orientation – i.e. lying on its sides. However, the acoustic dispersion has been optimized for vertical use. Also the heatsink will provide improved cooling when used vertically.

In any situation ensure that there is adequate space for ventilation around the heatsink.