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BM5 mkIII User manual



If you hear no sound, check your input signal, i.e. by switching the left and right speakers.


Components of the highest quality are used in your BM5 mkIII. This assures years of trouble-free operation. Following precautions should still be made though.

Avoid running the system into severe clipping. Although there is an advanced protection system, you may be able to destroy your speakers by severe overpowering them. The limiter works over a certain range, but exceeding this level may send a severely clipped signal to your drivers. When a noticeable distortion occurs, please turn down the level to your speakers.

Avoid hot-plugging the equipment connected to the monitors. Always turn off the speaker and other equipment when plugging or unplugging signals, or switching equipment on or off.

Do not touch the drive units by hand. The tweeter especially uses a very fine fabric dome with an ultra-thin coating.


Companion subwoofers for the Dynaudio BM series are the 9S and 18S Subwoofers. Learn more about these subwoofers at:


There are no user serviceable parts inside the monitor. If service is required please contact service via: