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Professional reference monitors

Breathtaking accuracy for when you absolutely must hear every single detail.

A reference monitor system is the heart of any great studio. Producers, engineers and musicians rely on reference speakers to reproduce exactly what was recorded – warts and all – so they can listen to, tweak and perfect their work.

Each Core speaker has been engineered and built in Denmark to perform flawlessly in this high-stress environment, faithfully reproducing your sound as you create it.

From pounding electronic drums and explosive low-frequency effects in the latest movie trailer to the finesse of pianissimo strings and breathy, airy vocals, Core monitors deliver the truth to your ears without compromise. If it sounds great, it is great. If there are problems in the mix, you won’t be lied to – you’ll get nothing but the honest truth so you can fix it, and fix it fast.

No more trips to the car to check the bass yet again. Dead-accurate midrange so vocals and dialogue end up at the right level on every system. Effortless high frequency details that don’t fatigue your ears after a long day in the studio. These are the hallmarks of a Dynaudio professional monitor, and the Core series takes them to a new level.

The science of art

Thanks to our new Jupiter testing facility (among the largest in the world) and an ever-expanding engineering and design departments, we’ve been able to pursue advanced technology breakthroughs at a feverish pace.

And they aren’t just drawing-board concepts: witness Core’s all-new Esotar Pro tweeter. It takes everything studio engineers know and love about previous Dynaudio soft-dome tweeters and adds the ingenious new resonance-defeating Hexis device. This next-generation tech smooths out the frequency response and minimises unwanted resonances – revealing transients while maintaining sensitivity to low-level details, imaging, and depth. Get ready to hear things in the mix you’d never heard before.

Core’s midrange and bass drivers are built with novel combinations of elements to precisely optimise each unit’s performance for its intended purpose. Deep bass drivers, for example, have different requirements than midrange motors in three-way designs – so the materials used are specifically selected and tested to perform each duty at the highest level.

A copper voice-coil, glass-fibre former and ceramic magnet are implemented in the low frequency drive units to enhance the ‘BI’ (force factor) needed for punchy, deep, and accurate bass – whether you’re monitoring at low-level or the band is standing behind you and they’ve demanded you crank it.

Active, digital and awesome

Dynaudio has been at the forefront of digital processing in monitor systems since we introduced the AIR series in 2002. Those speakers were way ahead of their time, with networked digital connections and advanced processing algorithms.

Core builds on that legendary design with the latest in DSP and AES3 digital connectivity, giving you all the refinements that come from the AIR experience found in so many studios. And more: Core also features both analogue and digital inputs with simplified (yet more useable) DSP settings.

Using the analogue inputs, all audio is processed at 192kHz for the crossover and tuning, yielding the most accurate reproduction possible. Class-D amplification from Pascal provides the power and punch, delivering the finest details along with the deep, visceral bass that our reference monitors are famous for. AES digital inputs are provided for the most direct signal path available, with external word clock to synchronise with your studio’s infrastructure.

Your studio, your way

Flexibility in installation is another Core essential. We’ve designed the series so that each monitor can be placed horizontally or vertically, and can be mounted on all four sides for a multitude of positioning possibilities. Special pads fit into indentations on all four sides of the cabinet, making it easy to place the speakers as you need without damaging their finish or the supporting surface. The pads keep them ultra-stable, too. This flexibility, coupled with a standard VESA mount, makes for a bold and durable construction that’s up to the rigours of studio use in a raft of situations.

And because the entire design and assembly process is handled at our factory in Skanderborg, Denmark, the opportunity to test the efficacy of each design is as simple as walking it over to the Jupiter testing room to put it through its paces. In the end, though, our experienced acoustic designers have the last say in how a design performs in the real world. They use the best listening instruments it’s possible to find: their own ears. When it passes this test, it is truly a Dynaudio product.

You need a monitor system you can trust. Trust is something that’s earned in this industry and the Core speakers are ready to earn yours by giving you the most accurate reproduction that the latest technology and 40 years of expertise can provide. The Core professional monitors are simply the best we’ve ever made. This is what performance sounds like.


MusicTech Reviews Core 59

MusicTech's John Andrews were blown away by the detail and clarity of Core 59, concluding: "Your tunes will sound better after mixing with them. It’s as simple as that."

Core 59 is an essential audition

"The Core 59's reproduction of the miniscule details inside reverb tails and compression artifacts is as impressive as the solidity of its bass at low volume levels."

A very worthy heir to the Air legacy

It has an effortless ability to reveal subtle details within the mix — especially noticeable in the reverb tails, and in dynamics processing, for example. These characteristics make it an ideal monitor for critical mixing and evaluation as you can really hear into the depths of a mix without straining, even at low listening levels.

Bonedo Core Sub Review

The Dynaudio Core Sub is a fantastic subwoofer with lots of power, control and crispness that make it hard to even begin to criticise.

Sound On Sound Reviews Core 47

"The Core 47 's mid-range and treble reproduction were exactly as you'd expect from a Dynaudio monitor at this level: a precise, detailed and revelatory clarity, coupled with a superb grasp of transient detail. In addition, the integration between the three drive units was absolutely superb, delivering a rock-solid sound stage." (Bob Thomas, Sound On Sound)

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