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Core Sub User manual

Adjusting the volume

The Core monitors have two inputs – analogue and digital. When using the analogue input, adjust the analogue input sensitivity to adjust the volume of the monitors. When using the digital input, adjust the SPL level to adjust the volume.

Analogue Input Sensitivity

There is a four-position switch that adjusts the analogue input sensitivity for the monitor. Depending on the maximum output level of your mixer, interface, or monitor control system, you can choose a setting that optimises the gain staging into the monitor.

For example, if you are using a professional audio interface or console with a max output of +24 dBu, set the input sensitivity to +24 dBu. If you are using a prosumer type mixer or interface with a maximum output of +18 dBu, then set the input sensitivity to +18 dBu. For consumer equipment such as DJ mixers that operate at a nominal level of -10 dBV, set the input sensitivity to 0 dBu.

0 dBu is the loudest setting while +24 dBu is the softest setting. The range is provided to optimise the signal to noise ratio between the monitoring output and the monitor.

SPL Level

The SPL Level setting determines the volume the monitors will achieve for an input level of -6 dBFS or -6 dB from selected analogue input sensitivity. If you work primarily at low levels, you can use a lower SPL setting to optimise the gain staging of the monitor to achieve the best results. If you work at louder levels, use the maximum 112 dB setting for the greatest volume that the monitor can provide.


The 112 dB setting achieves a free field reference level of 85 dB with +20 dB of headroom at 3 meters distance.