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Welcome and congratulations on your purchase of Dynaudio Pro Reference Monitors.

Each monitor is constructed by Dynaudio in Denmark to meet only the highest standards. These monitors are a key part of your monitoring system, but remember that monitor performance is also affected by how they are placed in your room. Spend the necessary time on placing and tuning your new monitors just right and your audio will be reproduced with great accuracy.

In this manual you will find information on how to position the monitors in relation to your listening position. Please follow the instructions carefully to get the very best performance from your new Dynaudio Pro monitors. When your monitors are installed properly and the rear panel settings are adjusted to fit your acoustic environment, your mixes will translate effortlessly to other playback systems – including cinemas, home theatres, car stereos, and headphones.

Things you will need

  • Tape Measure
  • White String
  • Marker


  • Dynaudio Meter app for iOS devices.
Things you will need

Dynaudio Sound Meter app

Dynaudio has created an iOS app that contains a source of pink noise, an SPL meter, and an RTA spectrum analyser. This app is designed to assist you in basic positioning and calibration of your monitor system.

Dynaudio Sound Meter

Other resources

Please also visit our website Here, you will find additional information including:

  • Q&A’s on Dynaudio products and technical information
  • Dynaudio events and news

Important safety information

A separate “Important safety instructions” document is also included with the product. Please make sure to read it carefully before operating your new monitors.