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Core Sub User manual

Updating the firmware

Core Update Tool

Periodically you may need to update the firmware in your Core monitors. This is done using the Core Update Tool found here: The download package includes software for both macOS and Windows.

  • Download and extract the ZIP file. Inside the folder you will find two applications, one for Mac and another for Windows.
  • Place the application in the appropriate location for your computer.

USB 2.0 connection

You will also need a USB 2.0 connection between your computer and the Core monitor in order to update the firmware. Each Core monitor has a female USB type B connector on the back panel.

Firmware update process

  • To update the firmware, first ensure that the Core monitor is turned on.
  • Connect your computer and the USB jack on the monitor’s back panel using a USB cable.
  • Launch the Core Update Tool.


You may have to change your security preferences to allow the Core Update Tool to run on your computer.

Choose the “Firmware update” option, and you will see this window:

Core Update Tool

Choose the COM port that is connected to the Core monitor. As port names may be random and not obvious, try selecting each one until you see that a Core monitor is recognized. You will see the Core model displayed along with the current version of firmware that is installed.

Core Update Tool – Core 7 detected
  • Next, download the latest firmware by clicking the “Download latest firmware” button.

  • Once the download has finished, the message “Download successful” will appear in the update file field. You are now ready to upload the latest firmware into your Core monitor. Ensure that during this process the power is not disconnected at any time, or permanent damage may occur to your monitor.

  • Click the Update button. A progress bar will appear showing the status of the upload.

  • Once the upload has finished, you can simply disconnect the USB cable, and your Core monitor is ready to use.

  • If you are updating multiple monitors, click “Next speaker” to continue.