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LYD 7 User manual

Connecting the Speakers


Ensure that you have the correct mains cable for your region. The power supplies in the loudspeaker have switching inputs that automatically detect the incoming voltage and will adjust to either 120V or 220V, depending on your location.

Plug in the provided AC cable to the loudspeaker and then to the outlet. Turn the speaker on to ensure that they power up correctly by looking to see that the power LED is lit on the back panel. Once this is confirmed, turn the speakers off before connecting audio signals.

Standby Mode

The loudspeakers have a standby mode that helps conserve energy when they are not in use.

On – When set to ON, the speakers remain powered on until the mains switch is turned off.

Auto – When set to AUTO, the speakers will automatically enter a power-saving mode when not in use that shuts down the amplifier section until audio is detected at the input.

Audio Signals

There are two physical inputs you can choose:

  • RCA-type unbalanced
  • XLR balanced or unbalanced

The balanced XLR connection is preferable as it can reduce noise and hum from the surroundings but both connections can provide a high quality input signal. Connect the outputs of your mixer, audio interface or monitor controller to the loudspeaker inputs.


Before sending audio to the loudspeakers, set the sensitivity to -6dB and adjust the outputs of your mixer or audio interface to a low setting and gradually turn up the signal until you get a reasonable volume. This will prevent any accidental overload of the loudspeakers.