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LYD 7 User manual

Product Overview

The transducers of your Dynaudio LYD speaker will achieve better sound quality after breaking in. Especially after the first hours of use, you may notice a significant advance in sound quality, and further subtle improvements in subsequent hours of use.


The LYD speaker range features an integrated Class-D amplifier with analog inputs. All connections and settings are available on the backplate of the amplifier. Please do not remove the amplifier yourself.

If servicing is required, please contact your Dynaudio dealer.

Figure 2: Dynaudio LYD backplate

  1. Power ON/OFF switch
  2. AC power Input (100-230V)
  3. Balanced analog input (XLR)
  4. Unbalanced analog input (RCA)
  5. Standby Mode switch – Turns auto-standby ON/OFF
  6. Sensitivity switch – Changes max. input voltage
  7. Bass Extension switch – Changes cut-off frequency of the speaker
  8. Sound Balance switch – Switches between three tilt filter settings
  9. Position switch – Turns boundary effect filters ON/OFF