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Legendary professional reference monitor knowhow, packed into a pair of compact near field monitors

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Versatile, powerful and precise – exactly as they should be

A 7in personal reference monitor, designed from the ground-up to bring supreme precision to your mixes

This monitor uses sophisticated DSP to extend or its curtail low-frequency response by 10Hz, while Position and Sound Balance controls let you fine-tune for total neutrality in your environment. Its larger 7in woofer helps extend bass, while the low-mass aluminium voice-coil, vented ferrite magnet and MSP driver take care of precision.


  • Nearfield Monitor with 7" Woofer

  • Bi-amped speaker design with 2 x 50W and state-of-the-art Class-D amplification

  • Bass extension to extend or curtail the low end frequency response

  • Two different tunings: one for free standing and one designed for speakers within 50 cm of wall

  • Sound balance to influence the overall response of the speaker

  • Made in Denmark

I don’t need to hear speakers really loud. I just need to hear them clearly – that’s the most important thing

Daniel Miller


I Hear Things in My Mixes I Never Heard Before

"First off, they are amazing! The first big difference I noticed was the bass frequencies."

Great Precision at Low Volumes

"I found that the LYD 7 offers great precision at low volumes. Basically, I missed no details in the sound compared to when listening at loud volumes."

LYD 7 Excels at Low Volume Precision

"Just as advertised, the Lyd 7 excels at low volume precision, making them perfect for smaller rooms and home studios."

Pro-Level Precision at a Mid-Level Price Point

"Altogether, Dynaudio has managed to create a speaker that delivers pro-level precision at a mid-level price point. This sleek and modern speaker is innovation at its finest and is an absolute joy to work on."

- Jacob Roach, Sonic Scoop

Recording Magazin Reviews LYD 7

“All the possible settings have a subtle influence on the sound of the LYD 7. Everything else would have been a shame, because this can be said in advance: The LYDs sound magnificent.”

Consistent Frequency Response through a Wide Range of Volumes

"I did appreciate that the low end, and the frequency response overall, were consistent through a wide range of volumes — a valuable trait when evaluating how mixes will perform in the real world"

- Kerry Rose, TapeOp Magazine

Extremely Natural and Organic Vocals on LYD 7

"My first impression of the LYD 7 was a detailed midrange with wide-open highs. I put on a few reference recordings to get the ball rolling, and was immediately drawn to its overall clarity across the entire spectrum."

- Alex Hawley, Recording Magazine

Absolutely Fantastic for Putting a Spotlight on a Mix

"When it comes down to putting a spotlight on a mix, I thought they were absolutely fantastic. If you're looking for new monitors, put them on your short list."

- Guitar Interactive

Awesome Transient Response

"I immediately noticed the monitors’ outstanding depth and imaging, including a rock-solid phantom center. The transient response was also awesome, and not because of peaky high-frequency reproduction; the highs sounded smooth and were non-fatiguing."

- Michael Cooper, Mix Magazine

Audiofanzine LYD 7 Review

"The near-field monitors of the Danish manufacturer are back with a new name and finish, although they do bear a resemblance to the old BM series. (...) Fortunately, the audio performance is still excellent, and that's what really matters!"

Future Music: LYD 7 Makes Mixing Easy

LYD took part in a Group Test and finished only second to a pair of speakers at twice the price. Unfortunately the review is not available in full online, but here are the key takeaways from Future Music's review:

"The focus is on a meaty mid range that doesn’t turn harsh, making it easy to mix less forward elements, especially reverb tails, quickly and audibly."

Among other mentions are "solid stereo image with good off-axis response" and "excellent bass".

Amazona on LYD - All Pros No Cons

The German online magazine gave LYD 7 a thorough test and concluded that they simply sound amazing and especially considering how great they perform, the price is very moderate.

Audio Media on LYD 7: Commendable Vocal Clarity

Audio Media International tested the LYD 7 personal reference monitors and found vocals to have commendable clarity regardless of the source, including Alison Krauss, Tony Lewis and ZZ Top.

Pro Tools Expert LYD Review: Near Field Size. Main Monitor Sound.

Pro Tools Expert took the entire LYD studio monitor in for a detailed review. As James Ivey points out, each model shines in its own way and is ideal for significant purposes.

Technical specifications

Specification sheet for LYD part 2
Max SPL (1m, pair): 109dB
Principle: Bass reflex
Crossover Frequency: 4.3kHz
Tweeter: 1in soft dome
Mid: N/A
Woofer: 7in
Dimensions (W x H x D): 186 x 320 x 296mm
Weight: 8kg
Sensitivity (85dB @ 1m, free field):
+6dB: 50mV
0dB: 100mV
-6dB: 200mV
Specification sheet for LYD part 1
Power (Tweeter/Woofer): HF 50W/LF 50W
Type: Class-D
Power consumption standby: <0.5W
Power consumption max.: 100W
Input voltage: 90 - 264V AC, 50 - 60Hz
Inputs: XLR balanced / RCA unbalanced
Outputs: N/A
Cut-off frequencies -6dB limits:
Bass extension +10Hz: 65Hz - 21kHz
Bass extension 0Hz: 55Hz - 21kHz
Bass extension -10Hz: 45Hz - 21kHz
Free field frequency response: 55Hz - 19kHz

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