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LYD 8 User manual

Adjusting the Volume

There is a three-position switch that adjusts the input sensitivity for the loudspeaker.

Depending on the output level of your audio mixer, interface, or monitor control system, you can choose a setting that optimizes the gain staging into the loudspeaker.

  • +6dB = 0dBu /.775V max
  • 0dB = +6dBu /1.5V max
  • -6dB = +12dBu /3.1V max

If you are using a professional interface with a max output of +20dBu or more, then a setting of -6dB on the loudspeaker is the most appropriate. If you are using equipment that runs at a consumer or domestic output level (-10dBV nominal), then the +6dB setting is better.