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LYD 8 User manual


Welcome and congratulations on your purchase of Dynaudio Personal Reference Monitors. Each loudspeaker is constructed by Dynaudio in Denmark to meet very high standards. The speakers are only one part of your monitoring system. Speakers work together with how they are placed in the room to create a playback system that delivers accurate sound reproduction.

In this manual you will find information on how best to position both the speakers and listener to get the best performance from your Dynaudio loudspeakers. When your speakers are properly setup and the rear panel settings are optimized, your mixes will translate better to other playback systems including home theaters, car stereos, and headphones.

Figure 1: Dynaudio Personal Reference Monitors

Things You Will Need

  • Tape Measure
  • White String
  • Marker


  • Dynaudio Meter app for iOS devices

Dynaudio Meter App

Dynaudio has created an iOS app that contains a source of pink noise, SPL meter, and RTA spectrum analyzer. This app is designed to assist you in positioning and calibrating your speaker system in the listening room.

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