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9S User manual


Cleaning the subwoofer

Dynaudio loudspeakers require no special treatment apart from the kind of careful handling you would normally apply to any high tech product in your home.

Dangerous voltage inside!

Cleaning the 9S or other system components when switched on can lead to damages or electric shock.

Switch off the subwoofer and all other components of your system when cleaning any of these components.

To clean the subwoofer:

The cabinet and other plain parts should be cleaned with a soft dry or slightly damp cloth.

Dust on the woofer diaphragms may be removed with a fine furniture brush.

Changing the fuse

Risk of fire due to wrong fuse type!

Inserting the wrong fuse type can lead to overheating and inflammation of the subwoofer.

For continued protection against risk of fire, replace only with same type fuse and rating.

The fuse is placed on the rear of the subwoofer below the mains power input. It can be changed without removing the amplifier module.

To change the fuse:

  1. Switch off the mains power switch and unplug the power cable.
  2. Pull out the fuse holder.
  3. Replace fuse with same type and rating.
  4. Push fuse holder back firmly until it is locked into position.