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The Dynaudio Unheard studio

We're bringing the Dynaudio Unheard studio to HIGH END Munich May 9 to May 12 2019, and giving exciting new artists the chance to record their music and get exposure on a global scale.

This is your opportunity to be heard. You'll get to perform – and record – live in the Dynaudio Unheard studio. Submit your band or yourself through the form below.

And because we’ve teamed up with Qobuz, you will also see your performance and music appear on its streaming service and social channels too. That’s potentially millions of extra pairs of ears to wrap themselves around your material.

It's open to solo artists, bands, a cappella groups... anyone, as long as you're musical and there aren't more than six of you.

How we choose between entries
We'll listen to every entry we receive. Then a jury consisting of key Dynaudio staff, together with a group of music industry professionals, will decide who will get to fill the 12 available time slots.

Keep in mind

Everything you record in our Dynaudio Unheard studio is yours to keep. Your live session is filmed, there'll be photography, we'll do interviews. It's yours and you can use it just as you see fit.

In return, Dynaudio is allowed to use the recorded music, photos, film and interview for Dynaudio Unheard purposes, which can mean posts on Facebook, videos on YouTube, event films, and other types of content on other communication platforms.

If you have questions, please contact us at

Also, keep in mind that you have to reserve May 9 to May 12 for Dynaudio Unheard.

Finally, all expenses related to your participation in Dynaudio Unheard are paid by yourself (travel, accommodation, food, etc.). Dynaudio does not cover any.

Share your phone number, so we can get in contact with you.
Let us know a little about you and your band (if you have one). How many are you? Where are you from? How long have you played? We're pleased to meet you!
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